Backyard Fire Pit Ideas with Simple Design

So you got a nice and large backyard, but you do not know what are you going to do with it? That is easy, why don’t you make a backyard fire pit? By adding the fire pit on your backyard, you got one of the best place for you to hang out; whether with your family, your friend, or alone. If you are new to this and do not know what to do then rest assured, here are some of the best but simple backyard fire pit ideas that you can use for consideration. Remember this is your own fire pit on your own backyard thus what kind of design that you want is entirely up to you.

Cool Backyard Fire Pit Ideas square Backyard Fire Pit Ideas


Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping

This is the most important part of the design of your fire pit, what kind of landscape do you want your fire pit in. You do not just build a fire pit, but you need to design its surrounding as well. Whether you want a relaxing environment or something similar to a normal campfire, it is largely depends on the design of your house and the amount of space available on your backyard and also your own personal taste.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping Design Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping


Gas backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Being a fire pit, the source of fire is very important, it is recommended that you use gas for the fire source. Now the problem lies on what kind of design you want to use, although it is still dependent on the overall design that you want, using natural gas fire pit is still the best idea for a normal fire pit. Do not forget that you have to consider the amount of money that you want to spend as well.

Cool Gas Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Gas Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Pictures


Brick Backyard Fire pit Ideas

If you do not have much money to spare, then you can make your backyard fire pit by using brick as its main material. But do not think that brick fire pit will look boring; there are various kinds of bricks, so it gave you a large amount of freedom for the design. If you are not amused by the dull color of the brick, you can always paint them with any colors you want.

Brick Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Pictures Brick Backyard Fire Pit Ideas


Stone Backyard Fire pit Ideas

Now for those of you who want a more natural look but can still be customized freely, you can use stone backyard fire pit design. This kind of fire pit is very big in terms of customization; it also fit with almost any kinds of landscape and size. You can even do the designing yourself, because unlike the brick backyard fire pit, you can mix and match various shapes and size to make your own designed fire pit.

Cool Stone Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Cool Brick Backyard Fire Pit Ideas


Marble Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

For those who have big budget, you can use marble as the main material for your backyard fire pit. Of course, you should only consider this fire pit only if it fits the design of your backyard and house. Marble backyard fire pit looks gorgeous and classy, so the amount of design it has is very limited; you do not want the expensive marble fire pit looks the only odd one among your property, so it is best to ask for recommendation from expert on the design. Although in the end the most important opinion will be yours, depending on what do you want your backyard fire pit to be, having something unique is not a bad choice as well.

Marble Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Marble Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Pictures


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