51 Creative Bar Top Designs Ideas to Build with Your Personal Style

Getting a personal home bar seems to be popular these days, and thus many people are looking for some good bar top designs ideas to complete their personal home bar. Similar reason to why people loves having unique home bar design, many are also looking to get a unique bar tops ideas because people loves to be different. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place, in this bar top designs ideas guide you can find the best way to inspire yourself to get your own unique style.

Of course, being unique does not mean that everything should be different, there are things that should not be forgotten or ignored, and things are the same when deciding on the best home bar designs. One of such rules is that it is recommended to built a home bar which style is similar in design to your over house. For example, if you have traditional wooden house, then you would probably best with wooden style home bar as well.

The top is one of the most important part of the home bar, and it defines the shape of the bar itself, thus it is one of the things that you must decide earlier. There are various different materials that can be used as your bar top, and each can be used for different bar top designs ideas.


Creative Bar Top Ideas

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A bar with mostly wooden material is perfect to be combined with wooden top, and here are some wood bar top ideas that you can use. Black wood bar is a great material to use because of its versatility; it can be combined with many other kinds of material. If you want to have rustic top with extreme weathered effect, then you probably want to get stink wood as the main material.

One great thing about using wooden material for the bar top is that you can always try to DIY bar top ideas and get the shape that you want; of course, this requires you to have experience in carpentry.


Epoxy Bar Top Ideas

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When you can’t decide the material for the top, then you can use epoxy top for the easiest idea, in which the bar top is covered with epoxy material. No matter what material you use, it will result in a shiny bar top that can be used in variety of styles.


Cool Bar Top Ideas

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For those with the desire to get a modern contemporary bar, you probably want to use marble as the material for the top. Marble top can be used for both contemporary and traditional bar as well; it gives you the style and elegance that no other bar top styles could give.


Unique Bar Top Designs Ideas

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One of the most popular ways to get a unique bar top is to design and make one for yourself. When designing your bar top, imagine something that you really like, and use that as inspiration. For example, you are a fan of surfing; you could make the bar top in the shape of a surf board.


Rustic Bar Top Ideas

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As said before, the best type of bar top to get for rustic style home bar is a wooden top, but to make it more unique, you could combine the wooden material with granite. This combination is one of the best ways to get yourself a classical feels for your home bar.


Outdoor Bar Top Ideas

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Wooden material is not preferable if you want to get an outdoor bar, because it is very vulnerable to damage. Instead, you could get one that use stone or metal as the main material. Marble is also not recommended, as they are expensive and could easily get damaged by wear and tear.


Wood Bar Top Ideas

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Wood bar top is not exclusive to traditional style home bar; it can also be used for contemporary style. Here are some of those contemporary bars that utilize wooden top, most of them are using modernly designed top, so many have irregular shapes. Using epoxy on a wooden top is also a great idea, although it probably won’t work on all wood materials.


Bar top Ideas Basement

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If your ideal bar top design requires a lot of space, then you probably want to build a basement bar. Most basements have large space to be used, thus allow you to use big bar top, this is a great way to ensure that you can hold a party with many people at once. If you are making a basement bar, it is recommended that you built a wet bar instead of a regular one.


Kitchen Bar Top Ideas

kitchen bar counters brilliant kitchen: mini bar counter design with countertop glass and red within kitchen bar counter design kitchen bar top ideas

For those who do not have enough space, you can utilize your bar top to be sued as your kitchen table. Unfortunately, you will need stronger material for this kind of top, as it will be regularly used as kitchen table, so it is very prone to damages. One more thing, the material should also probably be water resistant.


DIY Bar Top Ideas

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DIY bar top project is not an easy task to do by everyone, but here are things to consider if you want to build one by yourself. Marble are great material to define the atmosphere.

Glass is also a good material for the bar top and is versatile to be used on many different styles. Granite is strong, durable and is highly customization. And with that, it’s the end for this bar top designs ideas guide.