Choosing Color Schemes for Bedrooms

Choosing color schemes for bedrooms has to be done really carefully. It is because color scheme is like the basic decoration of the bedroom itself. The color scheme will also determine the further theme for the bedroom. Say for example, if the color scheme of the bedroom is yellow, it is impossible for you to go with Gothic theme.

Color schemes must be chosen also by the consideration of who is going to use the bedroom. Below, you will find several tips about color schemes in the bedroom related to the users of the bedroom. By following them through, you can get easier in choosing the color scheme.

Color Schemes for Bedrooms with Dark Furniture Color Schemes for Bedrooms with Wood Furniture


1. Color Scheme for Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

If you have a teenage boy, the room can be decorated with anything related to his hobbies and idol. That is why the best color scheme for such bedroom is white. The wall is white and the furniture is also white, the boy can get creative in sticking his favorite football team poster on the wall or hanging this baseball cap on the wall. If the color scheme is too “colory”, it will get contrasted with the poster and stuff.

Paint Color Schemes for Boys' Bedroom Ideas Paint Color Schemes for Boys' Bedroom


2. Color Scheme for Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Girls love colors and that is why their bedrooms must be at least colored. The color scheme that will match perfectly with teenage girls’ interests these days can be the pastel colors like soft yellow, soft pink, and soft sky blue. Those pale colors will go so well with shabby chic theme or other girly themes like floral theme. Make sure that you have the girls to get involved in the color picking.

Color Schemes for Girls Bedroom Color Schemes for Girls Bedrooms


3. Color Scheme for Nursery

For the nursery or the bedroom for the babies, of course you can always go traditional by choosing blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl. However, if you want to go more natural like when you have boy and girl twins, you can always go for pale yellow. Pale yellow is a great color for the nursery considering that it is soft and very easy on the eyes. It is just great as basic color.

Color Scheme for Boy nursery Color Scheme for Girl nursery


4. Color Scheme for Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, the color scheme of the room must follow the color scheme of the house. If the master bedroom has different color scheme as the rest of the house, it will be a little bit awkward since the master bedroom seems to be the main part of the house. Go with more neutral colors like yellow, soft gray, and ivory for the house color scheme so that the master bedroom can follow.

Color Schemes for Master Bedroom Relaxing Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas 06 Bedroom with relaxing master bedroom regarding House


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