Attractive Cinder Block Fire Pit Designs Ideas to Make

Wants some attractive cinder block fire pit designs ideas? Then you come to the right place, but do you know what the advantage of using the cinder block compared to the regular brick fire pit? As the name implies, this kinds of concrete blocks are made by combining the regular materials with cinder.

The result is a lighter block that has the durability of the standard one. Its light weight makes it very easy to be used as your main material for your DIY fire pit project. So, what kind of cinder block fire pit designs ideas that you can make using this cinder block as the main material? Of course, it varies from the simple one to the more complicated one.

One of the easiest DIY cinder block fire pit design that does not takes a lot of time is the square shaped cinder block fire pit. All you need to do is to arrange the blocks into a square shaped pit. It is very simple and quick to make, but offer the same effectiveness as the other types of fire pit, not to mention that this kind of cinder block fire pit does not look half bad either.


Interesting Cinder Block Fire Pit Plans

cinder block fire pit designs ideas fire pit out of cinder blocks

If we have a square shaped fire pit, then of course you can make a round backyard fire pit, this design is also as quick and as cheap to make as the above example, but it holds more value due to its traditional looks. This can be made easier if you can find curved cinder blocks.

Using cinder block as the main material does not mean that you can use other material as well, for example is this round fire pit and charcoal grill which combines concrete, cinder blocks and pebbles. Making the ring is a bit difficult but doable even for a beginner.


DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit Conclusion

cement block fire pitcinder block fire pit

If you want something that is also as cheap but looks a lot more unique, then you would probably want an in ground fire pit. All you need to do is to make a hole on your backyard with a shape of your desire; make it about one and a half feet deep.

Covers the side of the hole with the cinder blocks, the center with pebbles or lava pebbles, and your personal in ground cinder block fire pit is done. If you feel these cinder block fire pit designs ideas are too simple, feel free to add decorations and customization’s as you like.


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