21 Creative DIY Bar Shelves Design and Ideas

There is a good reason why people are tuning into DIY bar shelves instead of just buying one from the store. A shelf is not just a thing where you can only out your stuffs up, in a bar, the shelves are major components of what makes the bar, it can adds more style to the overall bar itself. Many prefer to make their own DIY bar because it allows them to express their own creativity and they want to own their own unique bar, thus they designed and built their own bar, complete with the DIY liquor shelf.

If you want to be just like those people, we are here to give you some bar shelf ideas that you can use for your designing process. One of the easiest way to get your own personal bar shelf is to recycled things that you do not use anymore, you can use your old bookcase into your liquor case. Book and many liquor bottles are about the same size, so you do not need to do much except cleaning and maybe painting the book case.

Other good DIY bar shelves the small hung shelf; this one is great for those who do not really have big enough space on their room. Smaller diy project like this are good way to rack up experience for a beginner in carpentry.

If you need other liquor shelf ideas for rustic style home bar, then you can buy a wine barrel and change it into your unique wooden barrel shelf, it is also not a very difficult thing to make.


DIY Lighted Bar Shelves

lighted glass bar shelves light up bar shelves lighted liquor bottle display

The lightning in a home bar should be able to allow you to see your shelves clearly. But to make it a little bit more stylish, you can also make your own lightning exclusively for the bar shelf.

If you use our idea of utilizing recycled objects as your bar shelves, then you can also makes several with the lightning. One of such is by using empty beer cans as the material for the lightning, and there are a lot of different types of cans to use.


DIY Glass Bar Shelves

diy glass bar shelves photo floating glass bar shelves Building Designers Environmental Services diy glass bar shelves

Glass shelves are complex but it is great just to show off what kinds of drinks you have in store in your bar, and because you are making one yourself, it is allow for more personal touch. Glass shelves are also good to be used for either contemporary bar or a traditional one.

And with that, it’s the end of this DIY bar shelves guide, and we hope it can help you with your project.