DIY Dog House for Beginner Ideas

Dog houses are expensive, but it is important to own one if you have a pet dog, even if you adore your lovely dog, it still needs its own place to sleep. Looking at the society, it is probably not uncommon to see people sleeping with their pet dog, but it is more common for people to have a dog house ready for their pet dog. Welcome to this DIY dog house for beginner. Here you will find simple ideas that will help you build your own dog house for your pet dog; this will give you tips and hints on the design of the dog house.

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DIY Dog House Kit

The first thing that you got to do before actually building the dog house is, of course, preparing the right tools and kit. Depending on what type of dog house you have in mind, the kits are going to be different. But here are the basic tools that you need; your preferable type of wood planks, screws, nails, staples, brush, hammer, wood cutter or saw, drills, knife, framing square, sandpaper, and the paint with your preferable colors.

DIY Dog House Kit


DIY Dog House for 2 Dogs

If you own two dogs in which each dogs are of different species, then it’s going to be complicated. Of course you can just make 2 different dog houses, but it will be time and cost efficient just to make dog house which fits 2 dogs. What you need to do is design a bigger dog house, it is preferable to have two entry point; everything should be the same as the usual dog house though.

DIY Dog House for 2 Dogs IdeasDIY Dog House for 2 Dogs Pictures


DIY Dog House with Porch

If you have more money to spend and you love to spoil your fog, it is probably a good idea to make a dog house with porch. The design of the porch should be free for you to choose and with the porch; it is guarantee that it will attract the people’s attention. To cut the cost of the material, you can just use the same wooden material as the dog house for the porch; simply buy different colored paint for the porch.

DIY Dog House with Porch Pictures dog house with a porch


DIY Dog House Plans for Large Dogs

Although it seems that for those who own a large dog, you can just make a bigger dog house than the normal, it is not exactly works like that. For one, because it will be bigger, it need better foundation and because the house will be taller, it is very prone to storm and heavy wind so choosing the material is very important here. This is why using plastic is not recommended, although it will not attacked by termites, heavy storm will crushed it due to its lightweight.

DIY Dog House Plans for Large Dogs Design DIY Dog House Plans for Large Dogs


Making Dog House Warm

Other thing that you need to consider when you are building your own dog house for your lovely dog is how warm the dog house can be, this is very important if you are living in a colder area or the winter is coming. Preparing blanket is fine and all, but some dogs do not like blanket, so it is best to use carpet instead and make sure to nail the carpet down the dog house. When choosing the right material for the carpet, do not use hay, the leaves will get stuck on your dog’s coat a lot and it is not easy to clean.

Making Dog House Warm Making Dog House Warm Ideas