175 Home Bar Ideas to Find Suitable Style for Your Home

For anyone who loves to party, it is very important for you to check out these home bar ideas, after all, the bar is going to be one of the main attraction for the party. If you do not know how to make one or you do not know which are the bar designs to pick, then you do not have to worry, we will give you the in depth guide on how to pick the right design for your house.

We do understand that there are various types of houses with different themes out there, so we will give several home bar designs so that you can find at least one design that can be used as a reference no matter what type of house you have.

First and foremost on this home bar ideas guide is the functionality of the bar itself, it is most commonly built to be used as a place to hang out with other people, but it offer you more than just that. Having the right home bar design means that you will have a place to relax yourself; it allows you to have a quality private time for yourself and enjoy the moment.


Home Bar Designs Ideas

home bar design ideashome bar ideas in home bar designs

The most important things to note on the home bar ideas are the type of house you have and the location of the home bar itself. Pick a bar design that is at the same theme as your house. So for a contemporary styled house, you go with a modern home bar; as for those with traditional house, you should look for traditional rustic home bar ideas.

The location where you can build your home bar and what are the usable cool home bars designs can be different.


Home Bar Décor Ideas

bar-decor-for-home home bar decor ideas home bar decorations

The home bar ideas for decoration goes along with the overall theme of the house. Modern home bar usually has modern decorations like metal cabinets or the glass one. For traditional house, it is a lot easier, just pick decoration that is using the same material as your house; for example, wood for wood.


Home Bar Lightning Ideas

bar lighting design bar lighting bar lights for home

This one goes with the location of your home bar, but the general rule is that you will need to have at least one lightning at the center of the counter. What type of lightning to chose is dependent on the style and your own taste, make sure that the light is bright enough.


Home Bar Shelving Idea

bar shelves for home home bar shelves home bar shelving ideas

This is one important key for a good home bar ideas, but it is largely dependent on how much glassware that you want to use and what type of glassware are they. This also correlated with the types of drinks that you want your home bar to have to provide.


Home Wet Bar Ideas

wet bar design built in wet bar ideas

For we home bar ideas, there is one absolute rule, a home wet bar needs good functional plumbing in order to work properly. Fortunately, decorating a wet home bar is not a problem, as you can easily find many stores that sells single wall wet bar cabinets and other decorations.


Home Sports Bar Ideas

home sports bar ideas sport bar design ideas sports bar decorating ideas

Sport themed home bar ideas are never bad, if you like a certain football team for example. Putting the logo of your favorite team as the center of the bar. Then you can also build and decorate your home bar with the colors of that certain team main uniform color.


Home Bar Cabinet Ideas

bar cabinet design bar cabinets designs wall bar cabinet designs

Mainly, there are two types of cabinets that you can choose from; one is the regular cabinet, and the second one is the wall hung cabinet. If you need more space, then you should probably choose the wall hung cabinet, but if you need more style and aesthetics, it is easier to find one with a regular cabinet.


Home Bar Furniture Ideas

bar furniture for home bar home furniture bar sets for the home

Before thinking about the type of furniture, you need to think about how many people you would like for the bar first. It goes without saying that you need to pick the right furniture that goes with the style of your bar; traditional rustic bar needs wooden chairs and table, while for modern one, the choices are more varied.


Home Bar Countertop Ideas

back bar ideas home bar countertop ideas home bar countertop ideas

One of the most versatile home bar ideas, countertop bar saves you a lot of space and is highly functional. It can be used for various bar types, for example is using glass countertop for modern bar, or you can also use granite counter top that is suitable for both modern and traditional styled bar.


Home Wall Bar Ideas

home bar back wall wall bar designs wall bar unit designs

The walls are very important; it is the place where you can use to further strengthen the atmosphere of your home bar. It is the place where you put your strongest decorations; this is also where you hang your hung cabinets. Remember that the color of the wall must be perfectly aligned with the overall color of the bar.


Home Bar Ideas Basement

home bar ideas for basement home basement bar ideas pictures of basement bars in the home

So can you build a proper bar in your basement? Basement bar gives you a lot more privacy, and is perfect for those who wish for traditional style home bar. The best thing about basement home bar is its size and how it can be both elegant and soothing at the same time.


Outdoor Home Bar Ideas

building outdoor bar ideas homemade outdoor bar ideas outdoor bar ideas

Outdoor home bar can be tricky to maintenance, but if done right, it can really be a strong asset on your home party. Designing an outdoor home bar must be considered along with the overall style of your backyard, it will be a lot better if you have a pool on your backyard.


Home Garage Bar Ideas

simple home garage bar ideas home garage bar ideas home garage bar gallery home garage bar photo

If you cannot find a decent place on your house for the bar, then build one on your garage. This usually gives you a lot of space for decorations and stuffs, so make a good use of it. You can use larger cabinets here, but the most important thing for garage home bar is the lightning.


Home Coffee Bar Ideas

coffee bar in home kitchen coffee bar ideas home coffee bar ideas

Your home bar is very versatile, it can be used for any kinds of drink, thus using it as a coffee bar is very common. Of course, there is no way of serving coffee can be better than the traditional manual one, so you should get a functional coffee grinder to be put on your home bar.


Cool Home Bar Ideas

cool home bar ideas cool home bar designs home bars ideas

For the overall theme though, if you want cool looking home bar, the sport themed one is always a good choice. Or you can also build a modern one with much glass material for the cabinets and shelves. If you like the traditional style, designing your home bar to look like something from the Wild West era is a good choice.


Unique Home Bar Ideas

unique home bar design unique home bar furniture

If you want a unique home bar, you can always use your favorite movie as your reference. This allow you to design very unique bar like a pirate themed bar, or a bar based on your favorite sci-fi movie. The problem with the unique bar is finding the right decorations.


Small Home Bar Ideas

home bar small space home small bar ideas small bar ideas for home

For those with small sized house, you will need to be creative and resourceful, use every space for vital factors; such as the lightning and cabinet. You do not have to use a lot of decorations, you first need to get all the important things first and decide on the decoration after all the important things are set.


Simple Home Bar Ideas

bar ideas for your home ool home bar ideas simple home bar ideas

A simple one does not mean that it is going to be plain, a simple home bar does not relies on decorations for the atmosphere, but it relies on its functionalities. Get material with simple and delicate texture, and do not overdo things, a simple home bar must be practical.


Modern Home Bar Ideas

contemporary home bar designs modern bar designs for home modern home bar designs

A modern home bar is not only relies on its functionalities, but also the design of the furniture. Get some chic looking chairs with contemporary design for the furniture, as uniquely shaped as possible is the better choice. The less manual things you use are the better for a modern style bar, everything should be automatic.


Rustic Home Bar Ideas

rustic bar ideas rustic home bar designs rustic home bar

For rustic home bar, getting as many wooden furniture, decorations and ornaments are recommended, everything should be made from wooden material if possible. There are many wooden materials to be used, so you can mix and match as you will, and do not forget about the lightning, antique lightning is highly recommended.


DIY Home Bar Ideas

diy bars for home diy home bar designs home bar diy

Building your home bar yourself is not a bad idea, it is far cheaper than buying a bar set, and it allows you to put your own personal touch. It might not be a suitable task for a beginner in carpentry, but we do give you a lot of references to look into.

Finding your own design out these entire home bar ideas might be a little bit complex, but once you have one pictured in your mind, the rest is going to be easier.