61 Cool and Creative Kitchen Bar Design Ideas for Home

Your kitchen is one of the places where you can build your home bar, and it is quite different to another type of home bar, and here you can find the kitchen bar design ideas guide to help those who are interested in getting one. if you do not know what to do with your kitchen, checking some home bar ideas is a good idea, not only that now your kitchen looks more interesting, but now you got a new place to hang out or relax.

As said earlier, when considering about the kitchen bar design ideas, there are some things that is going to be different to the regular home bar designs. One of such thing is the material that you should be using, because you will be building one home bar directly in your kitchen, you probably would one stronger and more durable material. although it would decrease its aesthetically value, but you do not want to get your precious bar top to be damaged due to constant exposure against things like water and heat.

As such, we are here to give you some guides and some references about the most popular types of bar designs that people loves to used for their kitchen, we includes several different types to show that kitchen bar can be as stylish as the other designs despite slight limitation on usable materials.


Creative Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

kitchen bar design ideas kitchen bar design ideas kitchen bar design ideas photo

When looking for some kitchen bar designs ideas, remember that some also called this type of home bar as breakfast bar. One of the best ways to make your kitchen home bar design looks more interesting is by utilizing printed walls. Even though you only have a simple home bar, with flashy colors, it could look way better than it is.

The other method is by utilizing the material, instead of building a contemporary bar; you can try to check some wood bar top ideas. The wooden bar top alone is considered a classic because it is able to give the elegance and aesthetics that is truly unique.


Kitchen Counter Bar Ideas

kitchen bar counter designs kitchen counter bar ideas kitchen with bar counter

This is probably one of the most complex things to design if you have small kitchen, but even a minimalist design can look good. Here is one example how a minimalist bar with only one bar top can look as good as more complex one, the use of wooden planks decorations makes it looks a lot more stylish.


Kitchen Corner Bar Ideas

corner bar counter design corner bar designs kitchen corner bar ideas

Another way to counter the space problem is by building your bar in the corner, this allow you to have at least 2 walls for use. These walls can be used for your cabinets or hung racks, this saves a lot of problem, and the availability of walls means building a wet bar in your kitchen is easier as well.


Ideas for Breakfast Bar for Small Kitchen

breakfast bar ideas for small kitchens small kitchen breakfast bar ideas

Using a U shape bar is another way to utilize smaller space, it gives you less room to move but more space for other people to sit and hang out for. You can combine this design with the corner bar, and it will allow you to utilize your walls for cabinets and such to save more space.


Kitchen Bar Stool Ideas

bar stools ideas bar stool ideas bar stool designs

You could always use similar bar stool as the other bar type, but because many kitchen bar designs are minimalist, they do not really need complex stools. Simple stools are enough, you can get one with colors to lighten the mood of the room, you don’t usually put too many stools in the kitchen due to space limitation.


Kitchen Towel Bar Ideas

kitchen towel bars kitchen towel bars ideas

One thing that people tends to ignore when designing their kitchen bar is the towel, but the towel is actually very important and must be available at all time. Because the kitchen’s heavy use of water, you want this to be available at all time, so put some towel hangers at the easy to reach section of the walls. You could also put some hangers on the cabinet itself for easy access.


Kitchen Bar Lightning Ideas

island lighting ideas kitchen bar lighting ideas kitchen breakfast bar lighting

The lightning is always one of the most important part of a bar, and for kitchen bar, you need proper lighting for it. But some kitchen bar designs actually utilize different kinds of lighting, for example is this one that is built near the windows, and it utilizes the light for outside for its lighting.


Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

coffee bar ideas for home coffee bar ideas kitchen coffee bar ideas

If you also want to use your kitchen bar for coffee, then you need bigger cabinet to store all those coffees. One alternative is to use the wall, build simple racks that you can hang on the walls. The bar top itself does not need to be complex, a simple square design is enough.


Kitchen Wet Bar Ideas

wet bar design wet bar in kitchen

As said earlier, it is best to put your kitchen bar at the corner at your kitchen if you want a wet bar, this allow easy access to your water system without much extensions. While wet bar allow you to serve more people at once, this also means that you want your bar to be made from water resistant material.


Basement Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

basement bar idea photo basement bars designs basement kitchen and bar ideas

One way to counter your space problem is to build your bar in the basement. This allows you to utilize more designs. But this means that you need more lighting for it as you cannot relies from outside lightning for illumination.

As you can see, there are various unique designs that you can use for your kitchen bar design ideas, but the most important thing is to put your own touches and use it as the main points.