Simple and Beautiful Outdoor Shower Designs Ideas

People are always thinking of innovation, thus there are many people who are looking for some outdoor shower designs ideas, but this led to a question, why would you like to shower outside? Of course, before answering the question, you should also understand that this can only be achieved if you have big enough backyard in the first place, but outdoor shower is one of the better solution to counter the heat in a summer season.

Some of these outdoor showers are even usable in other seasons as well, but the most important thing is that these showers will give your house another level of atmosphere. It comes with different shapes and designs, so whatever theme you have for your house, you bet there will one outdoor shower kit that matched it.

This outdoor shower designs ideas are here to give you easy and cheap way to get yourself a nice outside showers, better yet, some of these designs can be made at home. And you do not have to be afraid, we know that privacy is the up-most important thing, so all of the designs and outside shower ideas we will give you on this guide has taken that factor into consideration.


Simple Outdoor Shower Ideas for Any Kinds of House

outdoor shower outside shower

If you are just looking for an outside shower that is versatile and is perfect for any kinds of house, then the modern stone shower is the choice that are equipped with many convenient features.

Most of these modern outdoor shower kits have simplistic design, so they will not be so out of place too much. If you have a pool on your backyard, than this kind of shower is the one that you want.


Simple Rustic Outdoor Shower Ideas

outside showers ideas outside-shower-designs

For those of you who are looking for some outdoor shower designs ideas suitable for a traditional rustic style house, then you can use this beautiful outdoor metal tub with shower. Unfortunately, this one has no protection, so only get this if you are living far away from anyone else.


Important Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas

outdoor shower ideas photos outdoor shower floor materials

The simplest way to choose shower floor is to get a shower set that has similar kind of flooring design with your house, most of the modern shower kits comes with their own flooring set, so you can check the information and get one that has similar material as your house.


Outdoor Shower Enclosure Ideas

outdoor shower ideas outside shower ideas

For a modern house, it is recommended to get one with at least glass enclosure, some sets comes with their own enclosure as well. For traditional house, you can build your own wooden enclosure. But make sure that the woods are protected so that it won’t get infected by fungus.


Some Other Interesting Shower Ideas Photos

cool outdoor showers outdoor showers images tropical outdoor shower ideas

If you have an interest of making your own outside shower kit, then here are some interesting designs that you can use for your reference. We include different types of shower so that you can see which one has the design that you can use for your house.

Please remember that while some of the outdoor shower designs ideas and pictures included here are handmade, but it is not recommended for a beginner to make one without help.


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