Stylish Vertical Tile in Shower Design Ideas

Modern shower are all about style and aesthetics, thus many trends are born with it, one of which is this vertical tile in shower. Many people who own contemporary modern style bathrooms are now in love with this vertical tile shower style due to its different feels, it weird that these simple changes made the whole atmosphere of your bathroom to change so significantly.

This style can also be used on a smaller walk in shower, as most of them are usable only for one person. This versatility also allows it to be changed and customized with other types of materials as well. Many people also experimented using different colored tiles, and if you are interested on that, using subway tiles are a good choice to have.

For those of you who are aiming for a more luxurious looks on their bathroom, you could get no wrong by looking into marble accent tile in shower, they look ridiculously good with this kind of style. This is also the perfect way to make sure that people pay attention onto your walk in shower.

One other things that can be mix and match with the vertical shower tile is how you can customize the flooring shower tiles, there are a lot of example on how people can change their shower dramatically just by changing the flooring tile even though they only used plain vertical tiles for the wall.


Installing the Vertical Mosaic Tile in Shower

vertical tile in shower simple vertical mosaic tile in shower vertical mosaic tile in shower photo

Want to make your shower room looks taller? Then it can be done easily just by combining ordinary tiles with mosaic tiles. These kinds of showers are usually custom made, thus if you are interested in getting one, it would means that you would have to do it yourself. Tiling a shower is not an easy job, but the result is going to be worth it.

When you are designing your vertical tile shower room, remember to pick a clean colored tiles to accompany the mosaic one, the contrast will make the room looks a lot cleaner.


Vertical Accent Tile in Shower

vertical accent tile in shower ideas best vertical accent tile in shower

If you are not a fan of plain colored tiles, then you can add some accent in the middle of it. This is one example on how to use glass to accent tiles for shower. The single stripe of glass on the middle of the shower add a lot more accent to this otherwise plain looking shower.

Using glass is not the only way to change the accent of your shower, sing stone pebbles is also a popular alternative to it, and it is one of the cheapest ways to add accent to your vertical tile in shower.


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