55 Interesting and Functional Wet Bar Designs Ideas

Due to its recent rise in popularity, there are many people who are looking into more and wet bar designs ideas. Wet bar is different to the regular bar in that the wet bar has its own sink with running water; this allows it to be able to quickly clean any used glasses to be used again. Its practicality also makes it one of the most sought after home bars ideas, as many people who are considering on getting a home bar are interested in a wet bar instead of a regular bar.

In this wet bar designs ideas guide, we will give you the most basic guides on how to get design yourself your personal wet bar, along with some of the most ridiculously unique and stylish wet bar designs around.

A home bar is made for entertainment purpose, so the overall home bar designs should incorporate this idea, you must think of what the bar is going to be used for. For example, if you often watch sport matches with your friend, then your home bar should be designed based upon that particular sport. This will make it easier for you and your friend to be immersed with the sport match that you are watching. And having wet bars helps a lot if you often watch the game with a lot of your friend, as it allows fast serving of drinks for many people at once.

That is only one of a few wet bar designs ideas out there; let us take a look at the other interesting ones.


Wet Bar Cabinet Ideas

wet bar designs ideas wet bar cabinet

As you are designing a wet bar, one of the most important thing to consider is the cabinet. As you are looking for a wet home bar design, then you would want something big and that is easily incorporated with the overall theme of your home bar.

This means that you have to get one or more cabinets that help with the theme of your home bar, for example, if you are looking to design a traditional bar with mostly using wooden material, then the bar cabinet ideas should also be traditional looking; it is better if they are hand crafted, and they also have to be made using similar kinds of material.


Wet Bar Lightning Ideas

best wet bar lighting home bar lighting ideas wet bar lighting images

As the general rule, antique lamps are good for rustic home bar and modern lamps are to be used for contemporary bar, but there are a lot of uniquely designed bar lightning out there. For example are these lightning which are made using recycled beer cans, they are cheap and very easy to make.


Wet Bar Backsplash Ideas

wet bar backsplash ideas photo wet bar backsplash ideas pictures wet bar ideas for basement

The backsplash of your wet home bar is also going to be very important for the whole atmosphere it’s going to make. This one person manage to utilize unused bottle caps to make his home bar backsplash into something that is truly unique and fascinating, you could try to do the same or try using other materials.


Home Wet Bar Decorating Ideas

Modern Home Bar Designs Ideas For Small Spaces Pictures built in wet bar designs ideas built in wet bar designs

As far as decorating goes, a wet home bar can use anything that goes with its theme. Sport themed wet home bar could use sport themed furniture and decoration, rustic home bar could use more antiques to add more aesthetics, a unique home bar could use things that people never consider for a home bar.


Wet Bar Ideas for Basement

wet bar ideas for basement gallery wet bar ideas for basement photo wet bar ideas for basement

If you have unused basement, then you can try to use it as an entertainment center and put a wet bar there. It is become a commonly used place for a wet bar, and people usually combines it with a game room or cinema. It also allows you to put more decorations due to the bigger available space.


Wet Bar Ideas for Living Room

bar ideas for living room living room bar ideas

While also being used as entertainment purpose, for a wet bar on your living room, you will need to be very practical for the space. Utilize your walls for hung cabinet to save more space, and depending on how your living room is designed, you will need to use similar material for the wet bar as well.


Built In Wet Bar Ideas

built in wet bar designs built in wet bar ideas photo built in wall bar ideas

Built in wet bars are good candidate for living room use, they mostly comes complete with all the necessities, good for those who do not want to built their own. But as they came as a finished product, you need to be careful on picking a set, as different built in wet bar designs ideas offers different kinds of atmosphere.


Small Wet Bar Ideas

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate - small wet bar ideas pictures small wet bar ideas

For those with limited amount of space and want to make a wet bar of their own, a portable bar is one of the best way to do it. But they don’t usually come with sink and water system, so you have to install them yourself and put the portable bar alongside the sink.


 Cool Wet Bar Ideas

cool wet bar design cool wet bar ideas pictures cool wet bar ideas

Some people managed to design unique wet bars for their room. This one managed to turn his wet home bar into a musical room, and it is decorated with beautiful plants and flowers, a perfect design for those aiming for a nature themed bar.

Many are also using recycled stuffs for their inspiration, like this recycled barrel used as their drink cabinets, this is a great decoration for a rustic style home bar, and you can also combine it with homemade pallet rack for the bottles.

Seriously, you can actually get a lot of inspiration for your wet bar designs ideas just by checking the everyday stuffs; you just need to let your imagination running.