Unique Wine Barrel Fire Pit Designs Ideas

If you want to make a fire pit, why make it a standard one, here are the best wine barrel fire pit designs ideas that even a beginner can make. As the name implies, the main component for this fire pit is going to be the wine barrel. It gives a certain rustic feels and it can be customized with your own personal fire pit ideas.

The most important thing about this barrel fire pit is choosing the right type of barrel. Depending on what you need, you can get the more traditional looking wooden wine barrel, or you can get the more modern barrel with more metal material included. With wooden barrel, it is more preferable if you have similar type of traditional house. But if you have a much more contemporary house, pick the metal barrel.


wine barrel fire pit designs ideas barrel fire pit photo

For the fire, there is actually no other choice than using gas, and it is also very easy to install, as you only need to put it inside the barrel, and most of your budget will be spent for this. You will need some stainless steel rings for the fire, you can choose to get standard metal ring for cheaper price. Or more expensive one but has more interesting design; these rings determine what kind of barrel fire you will get.

For more usability, you can make wine barrel table, this can be achieved by putting wooden top around the upper area of the barrel. If you want to make this kind of table, then the best kinds of wood to pick is going to be the plywood.


fire table diy fire pit barrel

There you go, with these wine barrel fire pit designs ideas, what is more impressive is that depending on the size of the barrel, this fire pit is quite portable as well, so it can be used indoor or outdoor.


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