69 Creative Basement Bar Design Ideas for Your Home

If there is one place where you can put your home bar perfectly, then it’s going to be your basement, and here you can find some of the best basement bar design ideas out there. Why is using your basement for your bar designs is considered better than the usual living room? The reason is very simple, it is the space that it’s providing, and people don’t usually stuff their basement with a lot of things. While using a contrasting bar design with different themed living room can ruin the atmosphere of the whole room or even your whole house.

The other reason why it is better to get some basement bar design ideas is that it allows you to be freer about your choices of designs. You can just use bar ideas for basement that is completely different to the theme of your house; it will not work if you designed your home bar in your living room that way.

As for the usual basement bar design ideas, it actually is pretty similar to the regular home bar, but due to the increased space, you can make your basement bar contain a lot more stuff, but in return it requires several more things in order to work properly. One of the most popular designs is to combine the bar with your entertainment center, people use the unused space for their billiard table, or their cinema set. This makes the bar for basement a perfect place to hang out with your friends and family.


Basement Wet Bar Ideas

basement wet bar designs wet bar for basement wet bar ideas for basement photo

A wet bar requires you to have a sink and water system, so if your basement lack water system, the first thing you need to do is to get the water system going, and then you can try to get your wet bar ideas.

Wet basement bars are perfect to be used as a hangout place if you have a lot of friends, as it allows you to quickly prepare your drink, and the vast space of your basement makes them a perfect pair.


Basement Dry Bar Ideas

basement bar plans diy basement dry bar small bar for basement

Although wet bar and the basement are a harmonic pair, that does not mean a dry bar is not possible. A dry bar allows you to have some quality private time for yourself. Because of that, you have a lot more freedom with the design; you can even make your bar in reference to your favorite things.


Small Basement Bar Design Ideas

50 Stunning Home Bar Designs - Style Estate - small basement bar design ideas small basement bar ideas

If by chance you have a small amount of space available on your basement, do not worry, you can either buy small portable bar set, or built your own. If you want to build your own, then you have to make use of the available walls, replace the cabinets with something more practical, like using hung cabinets instead of a regular one.


Simple Basement Bar Ideas

Modern Home Bar Space simple bar designs for home simple basement bar

If you do not want to use your basement as an entertainment center, then you want a simple bar where you can easily relax. A simple bar relies mostly on the atmosphere that it gives, so use wooden furniture with delicate texture, the natural atmosphere will makes you feel relaxed a lot easier.


Rustic Bar ideas For Basement

rustic bar ideas rustic bar designs rustic basement bar

If you are a fan of rustic style, then you can make a traditional bar on your basement. One of the biggest factor for a rustic bar is still the same, find decorations and furniture that are using natural material like wood, and they usually are hand crafted; which is probably the biggest hurdle for this type of bar.


Modern Bar Ideas for Basement

basement bar ideas modern modern bar ideas for basements modern basement bar designs

Building a modern bar is a lot easier, and the design offer a lot more freedom. The furniture and decoration are not limited and there are no rules about the shape, but a modern bar is all about functionalities. The lightning is very important here, and you should use more than one for the illumination.


Cool Basement Bar Ideas

cool basement bar ideas photo cool basement bar ideas cool basement bar

If you want your bar to be unique, you can make your bar based on your favorite thing. Maybe you are a fan of a particular movie, you can make your bar using the merchandise of that said movie as decorations. This allow you to create a bar unique to your own, and it is not limited to movie, you can use anything as reference; favorite band, favorite sport team, etc.


Basement Bar Cabinet Ideas

bar cabinet ideas basement bar cabinet ideas basement bar cabinets

One problem with the cabinet is that you need to find one that suits the theme of the bar, if you cannot find one, then you need to build one. Use recycled item as your material, here is one example of a cabinet that is made using unused wooden barrel, this barrel cabinet looks good on a rustic wooden basement bar.


Basement Bar Lightning Ideas

home bar lighting basement bar lighting ideas home bar lighting ideas

The lightning is by far the most important thing in your basement bar; you need enough lightning to illuminates everything, and the lightning need to match the overall theme. Using lantern is a good method to help with the lack of illumination, not to mention that it gives certain feels to it.


DIY Home Bar Ideas

diy bars for home diy home bar diy home bars

One of the best things about building your own bar in the basement is the freedom of creativity. As said before, deciding the lightning is the first thing that you need to do, then you can think about the design that you want to use.

The location is also important and will affect the lightning as well. If you want a wet bar, then the first thing to get before the whole basement bar design ideas is to get the water running into your basement.