Cool Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Your bathroom is not complete until you can get the best bathroom shower tile design ideas and having them installed into your precious shower room, but if you are having trouble at that, then you do not need to worry because we have the solution for you.

In this cool bathroom shower tile design ideas you will find tons of cool looking shower tiles with tile shower ideas for various types of bathroom out there. To start off, let us check one of the most traditional yet loved shower tile designs, the marble tile.

You can find a lot of marble tile designs for showers today, they comes with many variety of looks and shapes. If you have pretty small bathroom, then we suggest you to take a look at this white large marble tiles, its size makes your shower room to look bigger than it should be.

If you think the traditional marble tiles are too old school, then you can use marble pebbles as your main tile materials. These marble stone pebble tiles can be combined to create a unique tile patterns for showers, you can even combined with the river rocks to give your shower room more accent.


Wooden Shower Floor Tiles Ideas

bathroom shower tile design ideas shower tile floor ideas

While marble floor is more versatile, you can also use wooden shower floor for accent and atmosphere. Unfortunately, good quality water resistant wooden shower floor are expensive, so to counter that problem, you can get faux wood shower tiles.

Faux wood shower tiles are not only cheaper, but they are also more versatile and durable. Their versatility allows them to be decorated and arranged to make a complex shower tile designs, check some examples of how good faux shower tile can be.


Cool Shower Wall Tiles Ideas

bathroom shower wall tile ideas bathroom shower tile design

This bathroom shower tile designs ideas is not all about the flooring, we provide some of the best tiles that can be sued for the wall as well. If you are interested in faux wooden flooring, then getting faux wooden walls are always recommended. Remember that the wall is not forced to have the same material or design as the flooring or ceilings.


Classic Subway Tile Shower Ideas

subway tile showerssubway tiled shower

You can never get enough of the classic, and thus getting your shower room with subway tile designs are always a good choice to take. A clean and while subway shower tile are perfect for almost any kinds of bathroom, not to mention that it is also one of the cheapest tile to get.


Shower Tile Designs Ideas

bathroom shower tile designs shower tile design ideas images

If you love natural colored design, then you can try installing these beautiful green tiles with mosaic designs on your bath room, it is not only suitable for the flooring, but you can also use it for the walls and ceiling as well. It will change the atmosphere of your shower room significantly.


Small Shower Tiles Ideas

small tile shower ideas small tile showers

Are there any alternatives to white marble flooring for small shower room? Of course they are, the mosaic patterns are very popular because of this. The mosaic patterned tiles have a lot of different designs, and they can still show their full potential regardless of the size of the room.

And that take us at the end of this bathroom shower tile designs ideas guide, we hope that you can find one design that suit your and your shower room the best.


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