Inspiration for DIY Bed Frame for Many Bed Type

If you have some free time and want to create something that will makes your life better, why don’t you try DIY bed frame? Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home, it is where you relax and rest, this is the place where you let go all of the stress you have accumulated every day. It is very important to have a bedroom that is capable of giving you that, and thus with DIY bed frame, you can customize your bed into something that is even better.

Of course, this project is not easy, and if you do not have enough experience you probably need to find some guide about how to build a bed frame. Fortunately for you, we will give you just that and a lot of interesting bed frame plans, and we make sure that all of these plans are actually doable to be made in one’s house. We will also give you some pictures of homemade bed frame projects that we found interesting and you can use as your references.

One of the most important things about DIY bed frame project is the overall design, and this design is affected by many factors. One such factor is the size of the bed and the available spaces in your bedroom, the available space determine how much material that you should use for your DIY bed frame. And then, there are a lot of different types of bed out there, and the DIY bed frame should be made according to the bed type that you are using.


DIY Queen Bed Frame

bed frames diy diy queen bed frame

The queen size is one of the most popular bed sizes today, thus you can find many DIY queen bed frame designs out there. Working on DIY bed frame project for this bed size is pretty easy because the size limitation is very loose.

One example of one easy project that you can do for your queen size is this floating bed with wooden frame, this magical illusion bed is perfect for those who want something unique.


DIY King Bed Frame

build a king size bed diy king size bed frame

The king size bed is one of the biggest bed sizes you can find. Because this bed is mostly used by couple, then most of DIY bed frames for the king bed are romantic in design.

This is one example of a beautiful king size bed frame that you can made yourself. It utilized wooden material with weathered effect to give it a rustic feels, its traditional looks makes it very easy for you to relax and spend quality time with your partner.


DIY Bed Frame with Storage

building a bed frame with storage diy bed frame with storage

If you want something that is both stylish and practical, then you would probably want a DIY bed frame that has storage system installed with it. The storage system can be placed wherever you wish, but for most of the time, it will be placed below the bed.

You can use this DIY rustic bed frame with storage as a reference. It utilizes wooden material because it’s easier to use and the end product looks stunning.


DIY Bed Frame with Drawers

bed frame with storage diy making a bed frame with drawers

This is a variant of the bed frame with storage, instead of open storage; you build a bed frame that has drawers below it. The drawers allow more privacy and it can also actually strengthen the frame, but it requires more budgets and more work, especially if you have bigger sized bed.


DIY Twin Bed Frame

build a twin bed frame make a twin bed frame

Twin bed frame is a lot easier to make due to its smaller size, and it is actually one of the best type to be made in combination with the storage or drawer. It allows you to use even more unique material; here is a picture of a twin bed frame made using steel pipe.


DIY Platform Bed Frame

diy full size platform bed frame diy queen platform bed wood platform bed plans

Building platform bed frame is easier than you think, you can use old wooden pallet to be the base material for it. The wooden pallet looks super good due to its texture, and this is a perfect type of platform bed frame for those who already has rustic style bed room.


Floating Bed Frame DIY

build a floating bed build floating bed diy floating bed

If you have a little bit more experience with carpentry, then you can try to built a floating bed frame, as wood is one of the best material for this. You can decorate your wooden floating bed frame with lighting below it; it makes your bedroom a lot more romantic.


Simple Bed Frame DIY

diy simple bed frame simple bed frame diy

Another trick of using wooden pallets to create one of the most interesting bed frames is just by stacking them on top each other. That is right, it is that simple, of course, to add more style to that simple wooden pallet bed frame, you probably need to use certain finish on the wooden pallet first.


DIY Canopy Bed Frame

diy canopy bed frame easy canopy bed ideas

Find a bed canopy that you like but it cannot be installed to your bed? Then you probably need to create your own bed frame for that. Of course, for those who want to make their own canopy, make sure that the canopy design suits the theme of your bedroom.


DIY Upholstered Bed Frame

diy upholstered bed frame make upholstered bed frame

There are ways to build a simple upholstered bed frame by yourself, this is one example of handmade upholstered bed frame using wooden planks and short hairpin metal legs. The end product looks very retro and the wooden material creates a natural aura around it, it can be used on a contemporary style bed room as well.


DIY Raised Bed Frame

diy raised bed frame raised bed frame

If you think one level of storage or drawer is not enough, then you probably want a raised bed frame for it. The design is pretty similar to the storage or drawer one, but instead of simple one level, you put more heights for the frame, it creates more space to be used as storage.


Creative DIY Bed Frame

simple creative diy bed frames do it yourself bed frame ideas creative diy bed frames pictures

The simplest way to get a creative and unique bed frame is to make it in reference of your favorite thing. If you like a particular cartoon for example, you can make your bed frame with the main character of the show as the main attraction of your bed frame.


DIY Wood Bed Frame

how to make a bed frame out of woodbuild your own bed frame

Wood material is by far the easiest to work with in regards of DIY bed frame, it allows you to be freer with your design and it is very easy to work with as you can shape it to look like what you want. You can even use wooden furniture as the material, like this one bed frame that utilize old unused wooden pallets.


DIY Pipe Bed Frame

industrial pipe bed pipe bed

Using steel pipes allow you to create stronger and more durable bed frame, but they are not as easy to work with as wooden material, thus we suggest you not to use this if you are not experienced. But the end result can be very interesting, as you can see from the examples that we give you.


DIY Bed Frame and Head Board

diy bed frame and headboard how to build a bed frame and headboard how to build bed frame and headboard

Your bed head board is probably the thing that is the most visible, this it is often used as the catalyst to set the overall tone of your bed. This allows you to be shows your identity using them, here is one unique example of a design that use old unused wooden door as the head board.


DIY Low Bed Frame

diy bed frame ideas diy low bed frame photo

Low bed frame is one of the easiest to make yourself, because you can make do with only using a single wooden plank below your bed. But let us creates something more unique and stylish, one such thing is by refurbishing old wooden pallet to be used as your low frame bed.


DIY Rustic Bed Frame

how to build a rustic bed how to make a bed frame out of wood

Because wood is mostly used for this DIY bed frame project, why don’t we go all the way and make a rustic style bed frame with it? We already put some of the rustic designs that incorporate several elements for examples above, and here are some more examples that you can use as references.


DIY Dog Bed Frame

diy dog bed frame diy wooden dog bed

Of course, to rack up more experience with working with wooden material you can start by making a small project like making a bed frame for your dog, it do not take a lot of resources and its smaller, so it will be quicker to complete.

Most of the examples that we shows here are actually very simple and easy to make. After you read and saw all of those examples, we hope you already decided on what DIY bed frame project that you want to work in.


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