DIY Shoe Storage Crafting Tips for Organizing Your Home

Because it will be the first thing your guests will see when they visit, you need to make sure that your DIY shoe storage is as high in quality as possible. The build design is not really that important as long as it looks good. Shoe storage is not just ordinary furniture now, because it will be used to store all the shoes from everyone who is living in the house, there is probably only one of this on each household. That is the reason why shoe storage is now becoming popular, you want your only shoe storage to be unique and one of a kind.

What is more unique and one of a kind than a shoe storage that you build yourself, a shoe storage that you design yourself and the decorations that are fueled by your own imagination. Contrary to the popular belief, you can create and craft various types of shoe storage from various materials. Even junks that nobody wanted to use can also be changed into one magnificent shoe rack. If you are a beginner in crafting and want to make yourself new shoe storage, then here are some guides and tips.

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DIY Shoe Rack for Closet

If you want to build a shoe rack to be used in your closet, then you need to build something that can be cleaned easily, and for this, there are various designs that you can choose. If you do not have large space in your closet, you can just make do with hooks mounted on the wall, with that you can just hang your shoes. If you want something more unique, you can use plastic bottles pinned on the wall too.

DIY Shoe Rack for Closet Design DIY Shoe Rack for Closet Pictures DIY Shoe Rack for Closet


DIY Shoe Storage Bench

The shoe storage which is also a bench is becoming a major trend right now, not only because it is convenient, but it also looks unique. If you want to make this shoe storage bench yourself, you can just use your bench and change the design a little bit, add storage below or beside it. You can also use unused bench or chair for this, it will require some carpentry skill, but it is way easier than making one from scratch.

DIY Shoe Storage Bench Design DIY Shoe Storage Bench Ideas DIY Shoe Storage Bench


DIY Shoe Rack Cardboard

As the name implies, if you really don’t want to spend money for your shoe rack and you aren’t so sure that your crafting skill is enough, you can just use cardboard. The greatest reason of using cardboard beside of its cheapness is the vast amount of customization that you have. The tools needed to craft shoe storage by using cardboard is also easy to use.

DIY Shoe Rack Cardboard Design DIY Shoe Rack Cardboard Ideas DIY Shoe Rack Cardboard


DIY Shoe Rack by Front Door

By far the place where the people will place their shoe storage, for this type of shoe storage you will want to craft something that is durable and have good quality. There are a lot of choices here and you want something that is pretty big, so that there is space for your guest who’s staying for the night. Recycling old unused furniture is a good idea since it will not that a lot of money, but if you think you can make one from scratch, just remember that you have all the needed tools.

DIY Shoe Rack by Front Door Ideas DIY Shoe Rack by Front Door Pictures DIY Shoe Rack by Front Door