The Importance of Fire Pit Mat for Wood Deck Ideas

People loves having fire pit on their house today, but those with wooden mat are having some kind of dilemma with this, and that is why we came up with this importance of fire pit mat for wood deck ideas.

Even if you have a traditional wooden house, having a fire pit will surely make your family time a better quality. But there is a big chance that you can get your house burned with the fire pit, is there any way to allow wood deck with fire pit? Sure there are.

The important thing is to protect the wooden mat from the fire, fire pit flame can go as high as 1200 degrees, and you will need some protection for that. One of those fire pit pad protections is using metal pad underneath the fire pit. You can find these metal pads on many stores. The aluminum one is thought to offer the best protection from the heat for a fire pit with wooden mat.


decking fire pit fire pit mat


Other great method for protection is using the lava stone deck protect fire pit pad, as the name implies, this protection pad is made from lava stone. The lava stone protection pad is very durable as it will not rust like the metal pads, it also will never get rotten, and it has superb fire resisting ability; it can handle up to 1400 degree of heat.

One thing to note when you are buying these fire pit mat protection products is that most of them will be drilled for the installation, which means that it will killed any chance of portability of your fire pit set.


fire pit on a wood deck fire pit pad fire pits on wood decks


The only tricky part about this fire pit mat for wood deck ideas is finding one that has the size and shape similar to the fire pit that you use, so you need to measure your fire pit size first before buying one.


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