French Country Decorating for a Better Look

Are you living in a plain looking house? There are actually no bad things about living in a plain house, the problem is you can get bored easily, that is why people decorate their house. Decorating your house will make you refreshed faster, it gets you relax better and it also make your life a lot more comfortable. French country decorating embodied the elegance and class of the European style house, so it is one of the most popular themes for house decoration and it is recommended for those who want to start decorating their house. Here you will find the best French country decoration tips.

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French Country Decorating Colors

Let us start the tips by looking at the color of your French themed room, for starter, there is more than one colors that you can use for you French country styled room, but you cannot use just any colors you want. French country style room color must be soft and not too vibrant; it must be pale and delicate. The most common color for French country decoration are white and cream, but you can always choose different color as long as it’s not too dark or too bright.

French Country Decorating Color Schemes French Country Decorating Colors


French Country Decorating Living Room Ideas

Living room will be the heart of your house; this is the place where all your guests will spend most of their time so it is going to be your top priority. Start by choosing the right theme for the room and choose the right curtains that match the theme of your room. Hang the curtains high and as for the furniture, it is pretty difficult, but you can just choose furniture with wooden material. The problem with this is that choosing the right design; which cost a lot of money.

French Country Decorating Living Room French Country Decorating Living Rooms


French Country Decorating Ideas for Bedroom

When you are thinking about classy and elegant bedroom, you will be thinking about the etoile design, and this is the most common design for French country style bedroom. You can get no wrong with etoile style bedroom, it is classic and elegant. The problem lies with the money, as you will need a lot of money to spend on bedroom decorations and curtains. Remember the color though; do not choose color that is too bright or too dark.

French Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas French Country Decorating Bedroom


French Country Decorating Ideas for Dining Room

The dining room with French country style is usually are filled with full length draperies. You can choose to go with paint finish or rich colored wallpaper; you need to make this room as cheerful as possible because this is the room that you will be spending time with all of your family members. For the dining furniture, it is best to go with wooden based furniture, but there is no wrong in choosing metal based as well, the point is to choose the right furniture with the right design.

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Photos French Country Kitchen Décor Designs

The essence of French country kitchen is warmth, comfort and beauty, you can check some photos on what the traditional French style kitchen looks like, it is rich with soft colored furniture and classic styled cabinetry. The usual design of the cabinetry should be traditional with crown molding at the top, at the bottom it is also popular to use some skirt with the same design as the curtains. Depending on how big the room is for your kitchen, you should always make it that your kitchen feels traditional, farmhouse styled sink is also a vital part of the French country kitchen.

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