Amazing Porch Swing Fire Pit Designs Ideas

If you do not know what kind of fire pit to get, then here are some amazing porch swing fire pit designs ideas that you can check. Fire pit is becoming more and more common now, it’s becoming very popular and that makes people thinking about a new way to enjoy the fire pit, this fire pit with swings is one of those bright ideas.

The basic of the porch swing fire pit designs ideas guide is crafting a homemade fire pit with added swings around it, it sounds easy, but it needs careful planning. Start by getting some fire pit swing set, this swing set will determine how big the fire pit is going to be. This can be done just by buying the swing set, or you can made one yourself. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you just buy it.

Next is the fire pit itself, there are a lot of fire pit ideas out there, but there is nothing that can beat a traditional brick fire pit, not to mention brick fire pit can easily be done by even a beginner. Depending on the size of the swing set, usually you put the fire pit at the center of the swings, but it is not a must.


porch swing fire pit designs ideas fire pit and swings


Building the fire pit itself is very simple, the stone bricks that you have just purchased can just be arranged and stacked to one another; usually in a square or round shaped fire pit, make sure that they are all stick together.


swing fire pit porch swing fire pit designs ideas swings around firepit


For more cheaper alternative, you could make an in ground fire pit, this ensure that people can swings around fire pit with less risk of getting themselves hurt by the fire. The porch swing fire pit designs ideas guide is very simple, but it requires high level of carpentry if you want to make everything yourself.


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