41 Creative Reclaimed Wood Bar Design Ideas

The reclaimed wood bar is one of the most popular types of traditional bar styles out there, and as the name implies, this type of bar is heavily utilize the reclaim wood. What makes reclaimed wood bar become so popular is the feels that it gives, due to how the reclaimed woods look; old, fragile and weathered up, it is a perfect material for a rustic traditional home bar.

Reclaimed bar is cheap to buy, but there are a lot of types to choose from, so if you are in doubt about what type of reclaimed bar to choose from, the silkwood one is always a good idea, it is pretty durable and it have such great rustic looks to it.

You can get most of your bar’s utilities from the stores, but several important elements like the reclaimed wood bar cabinet is pretty expensive, thus if you have experience with carpentry and crafting, it is always better to built one yourself. For those who do not have the necessary experience, do not worry, there is another method to use; one of the easiest ways to get your weathered wood bars furniture is by gluing the reclaimed wood plank into an already made cabinets or table.


Reclaimed Wood Bar Stools

reclaimed bar furniture reclaimed bar stool reclaimed wood stool reclaimed wood stools

After the reclaimed wood bar table is done; in which you can also use the above easy method of gluing reclaimed wood plank into an already made table, deciding on the stools is the next step.

But the only place where you can use the wood plank depends largely on the design of the stool, one of the easiest to get is just getting stools with large enough top just for the reclaimed wood to sit just like gluing the reclaimed wood table top.


Reclaimed Wood Bar Height Table

reclaimed wood bar height table reclaimed wood bistro table reclaimed wood counter height table reclaimed wood pub table

Getting one bar height table is probably a must. And because we are making a bar using reclaimed wood, you must be able to get one made using the same kind of wooden material as well.

Height table is thin and tall, so it’s probably a little bit difficult to use the easy gluing method because you might not have any height table in your house. So the easiest thing to do is to buy one cheaply and glue the reclaimed wood all over it.


Reclaimed Wood Bar Cabinet

dark wood bar cabinet solid wood bar cabinet wooden bar cabinet wooden bar cabinets

It is an absolute rule that you must use reclaimed wood cabinet in a reclaimed wood bar, it strengthen the super rustic style of your bar one level higher, but how do you get this type of cabinets?

The gluing method is, of course, always a viable option, but it is preferable if you could get one made purely from reclaimed wood. If you have budget, buying an already made one is also a good idea, remember to check the size though.


Reclaimed Wood Bar Table

reclaimed wood bar table photo reclaimed wood bar table reclaimed wood high top table

Some people likes their reclaimed table to be purely made using reclaimed wood, and this is not an easy thing to build, so do this only if you experience in carpentry. You really have to be careful when working with reclaimed wood, they are not just look weathered, and they are not as durable as you think.

Although building your own reclaimed wood table allows you to customize your reclaimed wood bar, beginner should just use the gluing method for easier result.