Easy to Make Square Fire Pit Designs Ideas

If you want to build a fire pit, then these are some square fire pit designs ideas that everyone could easily make themselves. There is nothing that beats spending time with your family or friends in your cozy house combined with your own backyard fire pit, making your own fire pit is actually a lot easier than you think.

Of course, before getting into the design, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of homemade fire pit you want, it can either be gas powered or wood. Whatever you choose, it is recommended that you are making a square shaped fire pit. Square shaped fire pits are a lot easier to make, it is also perfectly suitable for many kinds of stone material.

Stone bricks are perfect for this, they are easily available and they are versatile enough to be made into various outdoor fire pit ideas. But if you do not want something that is made with brick, then you can pretty much use any kinds of stone materials, you can actually combine several types of different stone as well, here are some of the coolest but easy to make square fire pit designs ideas to use.


Making a Square Brick Fire Pit

square fire pit designs ideas square brick fire pit

Stone brick comes with the perfect shape for a square shaped fire pit, so it gives you a lot more freedom to choose for. What makes the stone brick preferable for any square fire pit design ideas are how easy it is to make it yourself.

This is an example of a brick square fire pit that requires no help to make, all you need to do is to arrange those brick to create a square shaped blocks.


Square Gas Fire Pit Recommendation

outdoor-gas-firepit outdoor gas fire table

If you prefer a fire pit that utilizes gas, then it is preferable to use stone brick as the main material. Brick are easier to arrange, and you will need some proper arrangement so that you can easily reach the gas for activation. But square fire pit made using stone slates is a good replacement.


Metal Square Fire Pit Screen

fire pit screen square outdoor fire pit screens

Metal screen is always the most preferred choice for this, and it looks stunning combined with the stone fire pit. What is more is that installing the metal screen itself is also very easy. Although you probably need to buy the metal screen as it is pretty difficult to make one yourself.


Picking Square Fire Pit Cover

quare fire pit covers

Some people prefer using cover instead of screen, and although a metal cover is still preferable, you can use wooden one as well. Wood covers give your stone fire pit a more rustic look, but please really make sure that the fire is extinguished properly before using the wooden cover.


DIY Square Fire Pit

diy square fire pit square fire pit diy

All you need to do to make this kind of fire pit is to dig a square shaped hole about one and a half feet deep. Then just put the stone bricks or blocks around the side of the home, put lava pebbles on the center, and you got yourself the fire pit.

There you go, everything on this square fire pit designs ideas guide are easy to make and do not require much resources.


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